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Re: Ghosts of New Papers Past

David Marjanovic wrote:
Combination of traditional sedimentological field
analysis with modern digital data capture techniques (e.g. spectral
gamma-ray, LIDAR terrestrial scanner imaging) allows a detailed description
and interpretation of the facies.

Gamma rays?

What next, death rays? Or machine guns? What does one need that kind of power for?

Remember this?

Jones, R. and Chure, D.J. 1998. The recapitation of a Late Jurassic theropods dinosaur: a successful application of radiological surveying for locating subsurface fossilized bone. Gaia, 15: 103-110.

Made use of a 'modified, shielded gamma ray scintillator' to find a hot (uranium salts) skull that belonged to a previously collected theropod skeleton.

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