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had a thought - dimorphic tyrannosaurs? was RE New fossils provide clues to tyrannosaur/ornithomimid evolution

Had a thought when I read this:

> Subject: New fossils provide clues to tyrannosaur/ornithomimid evolution
> http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-dinosaurs-found-field-museumapr22,0,5569868.story

Thank you, Mr. Leahy, for the link.

my thought ran as follows
1.  Tyrannosaurids are Ornithomimids?
2.  Wait a ...*remembers the giant arms of the (Gobi?) with no body*...could 
that have been a tyrannosaur?
3.  Like with sharks and early whales - the males have the claspers to grip, 
while the females don't need them...similar thing with turtles and curved 
4.  If any male tyrannosaurs are known with small forearms, perhaps either they 
are genetic abnormalities, a species-wide exception, or the skeleton was 
assembled with someone else's arms.  (there's precedent - sauropod heads)

I realize the odds are exceedingly small, but I thought that either it would 
help in some way (in however much of a round-about way), or a small thing to 
offer a chuckle over; I don't mind.

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