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New alvarezsaurid paper

New theropod pdf.


Restos de Alvarezsauridae (Theropoda, Coelurosauria) en la Formación Alien (Campaniano-Maastrichtiano), en Salitral Ojo de Agua, Provincia de Río Negro, Argentina*

*Leonardo Salgado 1 , Rodolfo A. 1 Leonardo Salgado, Rodolfo A. Coria 2 , Andrea B. Coria 2, Andrea B. Arcucci 3 , Luis M. Arcucci 3, Luis M. Chiappe 4 Chiappe 4

*ABSTRACT. *We present new remains from the Campanian-Maastrichtian beds of the Alien Formation, in Salitral Ojo de Agua (Río Negro, Argentina), which are assignable to Alvarezsauridae indet. This clade of small coelurosaurian theropods is known from strata of similar age in Mongolia, and from older sediments (Turonian and Coniacian in age) in Argentina. Thus, the material presented here extends the temporal record of the alvarezsaurids from the Southern Hemisphere up to the Latest Cretaceous. The fossil bones reported were associated to eggshells of the oofamily Elongatoolithidae, which are actually attributed to Theropoda.