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RE: had a thought - dimorphic tyrannosaurs? was RE New fossils provide clues to tyrannosaur/ornithomimid evolution

> 1.  Tyrannosaurids are Ornithomimids?

>Ummm, no. Although the first tyrannosaurid limb material found in the US
>was thought to be from a giant species of Ornithomimus.

> 2.  Wait a ...*remembers the giant arms of the (Gobi?) with 
> no body*...could that have been a tyrannosaur?

>Nope. Almost certainly not. Deinocheirus is almost certainly an
>ornithomimosaur (until demonstrated otherwise)>

Interesting however. The recently recovered Deinocheirus material will, when
described, make compulsive reading (assuming there's enough of it).

Oh yes....