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Open Access Journal Survey

As part of an informal effort to evaluate the open access journals presently 
available to paleontologists, I have been running a survey asking community 
input on perceptions of a number of open access journals (those publications 
which allow either immediate or delayed access to all of their articles). This 
will be coupled with information on numbers of citations, etc., for a 
non-scientific but hopefully semi-accurate "ranking" of these journals.

So, I am writing to invite list members to participate in this brief survey 
(open until Friday evening), available at:

The survey basically gives you the name of the journal, and a request to rank 
it as "excellent," "good," "fair," "poor," or "never heard of it." It should 
take only a minute or two to complete.

For more information, I invite you to check out:

The latter link provides a list of the journals, and criteria for their 
inclusion on the list. Thanks for your help! Results will be posted this 


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