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Re: Paleocene dinosaurs of ojo alamo sandstone

There are many problems with this paper, but I will draw attention to one 
interesting point.

Notice in the final discussion section, that Fassett refers to papers 
coauthored by "Sullivan, Boere, & Lucas", and: "Sullivan, Lucas, & Braman" as 
exactly that: he does not abbreviate them to Sullivan et al. 

Typo? I don't think so.

Alamosaurus probably wasn't KT in age. I am not going into the details here: it 
will be demonstrated in time. SW latest K stratigraphy is clouded by some poor 
strat papers. This paper is another of those.


Denver Fowler

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How probable is it that the plants that produced those pollen types already 
existed in the end-K in that region? Maybe they haven't been found elsewhere 
because the Ojo Alamo Sandstone counts as an "upland" deposit or something...?