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AW: Did the Deccan Do it?

> A forthcoming paper in the Journal of
> the Geological Society presents evidence that the Chicxulub
> crater predates the Late Cretaceous extinction event by
> 300,000 years. Other causes, such as Deccan volcanism, may
> be the culprit.  A popular account may be read at:
> http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601124&sid=akerRF7QkL.I&refer=home

That is basically closing a small hole by tearing open a huge crater next to 
it. For it begs the question: if this is correct, why did the K-Pg impact(s) 
have such a marginal impact? 

It practically *forces* special pleading (namely that Chicxulub was in some way 
"different" from all other large bolide impacts), and this is not a good way to