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Re: Pdfs on vertebrate palaeontology


>Included are a number of old papers e.g. of Riggs or Hatcher or newer ones 
>e.g. of Rieppel, all available as pdfs.

Yes, I have uploaded a few scans from the Dinosaur Digital Library Project. We 
have many hundreds more scans of out-of-copyright articles that I will add over 
time (and there were already some scans on the website from other people, 
although some are from google books etc, and so the figures are not as clear as 
we would like).

I was perusing the internet archive site, when I noticed the upload button, and 
decided to have a go. I was going to wait until I had a few more on there 
before I posted to these lists, since I only started last week, and it takes a 
bit of fiddling to get the links to work / supporting data input etc.

At the moment, I'm looking at uploading scans of pre-1923 papers, since these 
are in the public domain. Post-1923, copyright should be 75 years (so up to 
1934), unless the publishers took out a 28 year extension. I do not know how to 
find out if the publishers did this although some posting on the site seems to 
mainly ignore this possibility, so perhaps it is nto common.

The purpose of this excercise is to provide high-quality scans of the 
literature to all researchers, saving you the time of creating endless 
photocopies of your own. The DDLP has been a for-research-only resource since 



cheers, Michael
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