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Re: Largest pterosaurs

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Subject: Largest pterosaurs

Good day to all list members,

I've recently posted a short article on pterosaurs on my blog ( http://dinosaurus.bloguje.cz/783764-uvod-do-pterosaurologie.php ). As a part of the text, I was trying to create a simple table comprising the largest known pterosaurs (i. e. those with largest wingspan). I counted there are just 15 genera with a wingspan exceeding 5 meters and five perhaps over 10 meters). I'm aware there's a high margin of error with all these estimates (given the incompleteness of fossil record) , so I'd like to make it clear for myself. Would the table below be more or less correct? Thanks in advance, Vlad

Quetzalcoatlus northropi 11-13 m?  [11]

Arambourgiania philadelphiae 12 m? [perhaps 10 much smaller than Hatz and Qn]

Hatzegopteryx thambema 12 m?  [11 +/-]

Ornithocheirus sp. 12 m? [less than 11 based on preserved material]

Pteranodon sternbergi 9-11 m? [9.5-10]

Tapejara wellnhoferi 5-6 m

Santanadactylus brasiliensis 2,9-5,7 m?

Tupuxuara longicristatus 5,5 m?

Cearadactylus atrox 4-5,5 m?

Zhejiangopterus linhaiensis ...over 5 m

Caulkicephalus trimicrodon 5 m?

Istiodactylus latidens 5 m?

Lacusovagus magnificens 5 m?

Liaoningopterus gui 5 m?

Phosphatodraco mauritanicus 5 m?

Anhanguera piscator [5 +]

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