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Re: had a thought - dimorphic tyrannosaurs? was RE New fossils provide clues to tyrannosaur/ornithomimid evolution

David Marjanovic wrote:

> That one is not surprising anymore:
> Oliver Rauhut & Angela Milner (2008): Cranial anatomy
> and systematic position of the Middle Jurassic theropod
> dinosaur *Proceratosaurus* from England, supplement to JVP
> 28(3), 130A

A few years earlier, Rauhut thought that little _Iliosuchus_ (also from 
mid-Jurassic of GB) might also be a tyrannosauroid.  (I should add that 
subsequent studies have been somewhat cool on the idea - although _Iliosuchus_ 
appears to be coelurosaurian at least.)

> What an understatement...

The name "Maniraptora" is increasingly becoming a misnomer - even among the 
non-avian members of the group.  What's more, it's a real possibility that the 
hypercarnivorous habits inferred for dromaeosaurids like _Deinonychus_ and 
_Velociraptor_ are the exception rather than the rule for maniraptorans.