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Re: about date validity


According to the ICZN the correct date would be 1989; unless the reprint
with the 1988 date was made widely available and distrubuted in 1988.  Some
publishers release single papers all year and then compile them all in a
single volume at the end of the year.


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A quick question.

When a new species is named in a paper reporting a date of pubblication X,
but was actually printed in the year X+1, which is the date for the name?

Let's say that Pippodactylus volaplanensis was named in a paper reporting
on the first page of the reprint the date 1988, but in the last page of the
volume containing the paper you discover that the volume was printed in
March 1989. Which is correct:

Pippodactylus volaplanensis 1988


Pippodactylus volaplanensis 1989        ?

I remind that the ICNZ considers as valid the actual date of pubblication,
that in this case should be 1989. However, I cannot check it now.
Is someone here who can confirm this?