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Re: Dino-mite: Quarry gets exolosize treatment

Quoting Tim Williams <tijawi@yahoo.com>:

> A big *YAWN* from the fossil excavators of Dinosaur Cove in SE Australia.

Australia has had a long history of using explosives to remove overburden from 
fossils. When 
Schevill was excavating *Kronosaurus* in the 1930s, one of his assistants was 
known as 'The 
Maniac' for his fondness (perhaps over-fondness) for using explosives. 

What's more, when the fossils arrived at Harvard the recipients were horrified 
to find that they'd 
been wrapped in very fresh (and very bloody) sheepskins to protect them during 
the trip. So much 
for biosecurity.


Dann Pigdon
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