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Re: New paper: Theropod forelimb evolution & Archie is not a "Rosetta stone"

I think I have read patristic distance as amount of total differences
between groups (with one of these being not monophyletic). I think
great patristic distances, implying many changes, were used by some
anti-Henningians to separate taxons, as tought many decades ago
between birds and the paraphyletic "reptiles". I think Ernst Mayr used
the term very much.

2009/4/30 David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at>:
>> Patristics is a long-established term for the study of the Church
>> Fathers (early but post-Biblical Christian writers). Using the word
>> for something in biology strikes me as simply perverse.
> I've seen "patristic distance" in several papers on reconstructing the 
> evolution of a character. It seems to mean "distance along the tree" in some 
> way or other.