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Re: New paper: Theropod forelimb evolution & Archie is not a "Rosetta stone"

> Datum: Donnerstag, 30. April 2009, 16:13
> I think I have read patristic
> distance as amount of total differences
> between groups (with one of these being not monophyletic).
> I think
> great patristic distances, implying many changes, were used
> by some
> anti-Henningians to separate taxons, as tought many decades
> ago
> between birds and the paraphyletic "reptiles". I think
> Ernst Mayr used
> the term very much.

Anti-Henningian perhaps (as in Ernst Mayr, though he was more reserved than 
anti), but not per se anti-cladistic (as in, say, Storrs Olson til he got 
married). See here:


Thus, patristic distance = sum of character state changes between last common 
ancestor and (typically two) descendants. The LCA is the "father" implied by 
the term "patristic".

Technically, the calculations can be performed on cladistic and phenetic 
analyses alike. (In phenetics, you are almost certain to get the wrong result