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Re: Proteins from hadrosaur

Thanks for the link. The genomeweb gives a good description of the genomics. 
It's definitely neat stuff. 

I wrote a short general article for New Scientist that I wish I had been able 
to expand further, but which does include a description of Mary Schweitzer's 


What got lost from this version is comments from outside critics who generally 
think this is a major step forward, but doesn't satisfy all their questions. 
It's safe to say that you need exceptionally well-preserved fossils to find 
this stuff, but it's not clear how rare they are. It does look like 
preservation in sandstone very quickly after death is a big help. 

The Science paper is good, and I also recommend Robert Service's news story in 
Science http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/full/324/5927/578?, if you have 
access to the journal. 

>I haven't seen the Science paper yet, but this news article 
>contains more technical detail than you'd get in most other places. Kewl!

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