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Re: looking for illustration

If I remember correctly, the Hatzegopteryx humerus is about 83 mm across the shoulder articulation vs. about 81 for the corresponding measurement in Quetz -- but that's from fallible memory, please don't hold me to it.. Anyway, Hatz is only a couple of mm larger than Quetz in that measurement. On the other hand, the Quetz dp crest is very roughly about 10% larger than the Hatz crest (which is in somewhat scruffy condition). The two animals appear to be quite similar in size and not enough is preserved in common between the two to form much of an opinion about potential differences in morphology. I do note in passing that the Quetz pteroid can't achieve the positioning shown in Mark's illustration.

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Subject: looking for illustration

Does anyone know of any figure showing the suspected relative dimensions of any of the ultra-large Eurasian pterosaurs found along the lines of Mark Witton's drawing for Quetz?