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Online PDF Files About Dinosaur Taphonomy and Report Preparation

Dear Colleagues,

The online "The Journal of Paleontological Sciences Trade 
Articles" has a few articles that might be of interest to 
people on this mailing list. They include:

1. "How to Write a Scientific Article" by Dr. Kenneth 
Carpenter at 

and http://www.aaps-journal.org/journal-trade-articles.html

2. "Field Journal Documentation Procedures Part One: The 
Site Description: Examples of What Data to Collect at a 
Fossil Dig Site" by Walter W. Stein at 

and http://www.aaps-journal.org/journal-trade-articles.html

3. "How to Make a Fossil: Part 1 - Fossilizing Bone" by 
Dr. Kenneth Carpenter at 

and http://www.aaps-journal.org/journal-contributions.html

and 4. "How to Make a Fossil: Part 2 - Dinosaur Mummies and 
Other Soft Tissue" at 

and http://www.aaps-journal.org/journal-contributions.html 


Paul H.