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Re: Phorusrhacids killing large mammals in National Geographic Channel

Graydon wrote:
> So trying to extrapolate from the behaviour of extant wolves is very
> risky, especially in context of giant ground-running predatory birds, of
> which we have no examples.

Well, you are right. I suppose many vertebrates are very timid to
humans, and have been much hunted, so your warning on extrapolation
may be widespread to behaviour of most animals living with us. I used
"cautiousness" more to distinguish the boldness and bravery of, say, a
wolverine and many mustelids, when attacking any prey, compared to the
less aggressive and more vacilant temper of lions, wolves and bears
against potentially dangerous prey, than the relationship to man. All
these carnivores are timid and tend to run away if facing armed men,
even the wolverine.