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Avian origin questioned by John Ruben


The link above was actually sent to me by a creotard - I mean creationist who thought this single piece of paper is a proof agains evolution.

A plaoentologist (known as AronRa in youtube) "friend" of mine commented on the article:

"Every article trying to deny the ancestry of aves within theropoda are written by John Ruben. In the 1990s, Ruben formed an organization called B.A.N.D. (Birds Are Not Dinosaurs) for the purpose of denying the already mounting evidence to the contrary. Don't ask me why. It never made sense. At this point, his argument is already lost. Birds definitely ARE dinosaurs, but Ruben is determined never to admit that."

Any thoughts?
I'd mostly like to know about the credentials of this, Ruben character as well as any possible new discoveries on the behalf of theropoda/aves connection. The newest udate I have so far is Epidexipteryx hui - the protofeathered dinosaur that predates Archaeopteryx sp.