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Re: Comprehensive list of popular dinosaur misconceptions (warning: sarcasm)

I like your list, but i have to make a couple of silly points: 

> 26.    Every theropod over 30 feet long is a
> Tyrannosaurus rex.

The "average person" has never heard the word "theropod". 

> 30.    Every chasmosaurine is a Triceratops.

Ditto for the word "chasmosaurine". 

> 38.    Tyrannosaurus could not hunt living prey.

I'm sure most average people believe exactly the opposite: 
that T. rex *could* hunt living prey, as it certainly could 
and did. 

Otherwise an interesting post in that one could make a 
similar type of post for *us* (dinosaur experts) using a 
different topic, e.g. Asian politics or American history or 
something. As in, "Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity." 
(did he? i think he might have, but....)  

One can't be an expert on everything.