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Two Vague Paleo-Education Questions

Like the title says, I've got two generic questions about the state of
paleontology/paleo-education today. Note that I'm not looking much for
info on what I need to do as an undergraduate to get into a
paleontology career; I'm nearly done with a double major in
biology/geology so it's much too late for that. ;p But advice of
pretty much any sort is welcome, in addition to specific answers to
these questions.

So, to get on with it, my questions are:

1. What is or are the best graduate school(s) for paleontology in
North America today? By "best," I mean one of two things:

a) The best faculty and facilities, i.e. the best program overall.
b) The best education for what you pay, i.e. the "best on a budget."
(I'm willing to pay for higher quality, but I'd like to thoroughly
understand my options if possible.)

2. What areas of dinosaur research are the most neglected, the most in
need of attention/revision/etc? I always hear that derived theropods
are rather over-studied in some sense, so I'd like to know if there
are underdeveloped areas where I might more fruitfully apply my
abilities. (I do know my own interests, but hey, if there happens to
be some commonality, why not run with it?)

Thanks in advance for any pointers, suggestions, and opinions.