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Re: Funny New Papers

So, fossil dino-poo doesn't show much bone in the diet?  Is the "chomp and 
swallow big pieces" presentations of carnosaurs eating not accurate?
I could see a pack eating at a downed large sauropod/titanosaur/ceratopsian 
probably scraping the flesh off the big bones and not going after the marrow in 
times of plenty [did the large herbivores have alot of marrow to begin with?) 
... but somehow dropping the notion of bone-injestion is difficult for this 
amateur observer. 

My mind ... it reels.  :-P

[I think the blew it, tho', in the scene of the ceratosaurus eating the 
dryosaurus  whole in WHEN DINOS ROAMED AMERICA ... unlikely with its size.]

--- On Tue, 8/4/09, Jerry D. Harris <jharris@dixie.edu> wrote:

> review of the known incidences and possible ecological
> implications of theropod bone use concludes that there is
> currently no definitive evidence supporting the regular
> deliberate ingestion of bone by these predators.