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RE: Two Broad Questions About Paleo-Education

> From: owner-DINOSAUR@usc.edu [mailto:owner-DINOSAUR@usc.edu] 
> On Behalf Of Raptorial Talon
> > Traditionally strong programs (in particular, programs 
> where there are 
> > an abundance of paleontologists of different expertise and 
> associated 
> > biological and geological faculty) include (but are by no means 
> > limited
> > to!!):
> > Yale, Harvard, U Penn, U Chicago, U Cal Berkeley, UT Austin, U 
> > Michigan, and the list goes on.
> And Alberta, no? For dinosaurs, anyway. There are plenty of 
> others, especially if one's looking into invertebrate or 
> micropaleontology.

Sorry, oh neighbors to the north! I totally should add:

U Alberta, McGill, U Calgary, and onward.

Also Montana State, of course!

> Checking conference abstracts is a good recommendation; I 
> hadn't thought of that in that way. I've been looking at 
> (recent) journal articles, but I still wasn't sure what areas 
> might have been covered in the past, or which *have* been 
> covered but need review, etc. And of course I'd be looking 
> for questions/areas that haven't been done yet - but hey, I 
> figured I might as well ask as long as I'm on the general 
> subject. Can't hurt to streamline the process. ; )

Good idea! Most conferences have published abstract volumes, at least some
of which are available online or in libraries.

> > So you have to make sure that you build 
> up expertise in things beyond paleontology as such.
> I've been bracing for this eventuality since middle school. 
> But I have to try.

Indeed. That's the way to do it. But just wanted to make sure that that
information was stated up front.

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