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Better Book Bargains?

Leading from some recent off-list suggestions, I've been looking into
some of the semi-technical dinosaur books out there. I was studiously
avoiding them and going after true-blue research materials, but based
on what others have shared, I think I may have shot myself in the foot
by not getting my hands on some of the better quasi-layperson volumes.
(I am still interested in some of the technical materials; more

So, having sifted through Amazon.com for a while, I'm trying to figure
out what books are worth their cost and which are not. The given
reviews (when there are any) are mixed and probably not trustworthy,
since everyone has different perspectives and backgrounds. Any
opinions on the books listed below is therefore appreciated.

ALSO: I'm interested in finding any specific deals, through any
reputable dealer, which might allow me to get as many of these books
as possible without spending an excessive amount of cash. If anyone
knows of any special packages for any subset of the following, it
would be a general help to myself and the other enthusiasts and
students who read the DML.

Note that the used prices are quite reasonable, for the most part -
but it's still a lot of pressed wood pulp to pay for. And I'm just a
little . . . leery of used copies, based on past experiences.

So, here's a quick breakdown of the ones that have stood out, either
to myself or according to others' suggestions; commentary IS

(Info from Amazon.com, for reference purposes; I own ones with an
asterisk, but have included them for the sake of other interested


Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia by Donald F. Glut - ~$295 new; ~$30 used
Supplements to the above - ~$140 new, ~$128 used (Vol. 5 is ~$30 more
used than new)

Encylopedia of Dinosaurs (Currie and Padian) - OK, this one is
confusing . . . it says it's ~$128, but then says "24 new from ~$60"
plus the used copies for ~$18.

Dinosaurs: The Most Complete, Up-to-Date Encyclopedia for Dinosaur
Lovers of All Ages (Holtz and Rey)  - ~$23 new, ~$17 used
(children-oriented, I know, but comprehensive and ridiculously cheap)

*The Complete Dinosaur (Farlow and Brett-Surman) - ~$29 new, ~$10 used
(second edition in the works)

*The Scientific American Book of Dinosaurs (Paul) - ~$18 new, ~$7 used

*Dinosaurs Past and Present (both volumes) -  Vol. 1 is not available
new through Amazon and is ~$50 used; Vol. 2 is not available used
through Amazon, and the single new copy is ~$75


Kenneth Carpenter's "Life of the Past" dinosaur entries (Indiana) -
~$40-$50 new, ~$22-~$37 used

Other relevant "Life of the Past" titles from Indiana University Press
(Feathered Dragons, The Age of Dinosaurs in South America, etc) -
range similar to above

Dinosaur Systematics: Approaches and Perspectives (Carpenter/Currie) -
~$58/~$48 new (??), ~$35 used

*Mesozoic Vertebrate Life (Tanke and Carpenter) - ~$37/~$31 new, ~$24 used

*The Dinosauria - ~$37 new, ~$16 used (*!!!* I shoulda waited a bit
longer . . .)

*Dinosaur Provincial Park: A Spectacular Ancient Ecosystem Revealed
(Currie/Koppelhus) - ~$36 new, ~$32 used


Introduction to the Study of Dinosaurs (Martin) - ~$63/~$36 new, ~$30 used

Dinosaurs: The Textbook (Lucas) ~$80 new, ~$36 used

Any additions to the list,  commentary on what's worth what, or
special bargains or discounts are very welcome - please share.