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Re: Better Book Bargains?

Well, it's obvious he made every effort to cover the "all ages," and perhaps 
20+ years ago I'd have more faith in middle-school kids 'grasping' the text - 
but I have to go by what I see in the public school system today, and the state 
of education has fallen so much from learning to crowd-control ... a special 
'advanced' class for younger kids could probably tackle chunks of it.
Sorry to be pessimistic but this country is in trouble, education-wise.

> From: Raptorial Talon 

> Hey, that's just how the Amazon promotional materials pitch
> it. Really
> explicitly so, in fact, albeit with much praise for
> something with
> such breadth and scope for a "kids'" book. I've glanced
> through it
> before and didn't think of it as primarily children's
> literature, but
> who am I to judge intent?