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Re: Better Book Bargains?

> Well, it's obvious he made every effort to cover the "all ages," and perhaps 
> 20+ years ago I'd have more faith in middle-school kids 'grasping' the text - 
> but I have to go by what I see in the public school system today, and the 
> state of education has fallen so much from learning to crowd-control ... a 
> special 'advanced' class for younger kids could probably tackle chunks of it.
> Sorry to be pessimistic but this country is in trouble, education-wise.

Oh, I'm not about to fault you for *that* . . .

Just making an observation.

(And I think that you're being more realistic than pessimistic.)

"If you'd like some really nice artwork,
Dougal Dixon's "Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs" has the most attractive
feathered-dino representations in my opinion.  The text has been shown
to be faulty, however, so use caution."

I've got a number of Dixon's books from back in the day, and while
I'll always have a soft spot for (most of) them, I'll never forgive
him for ripping off Wayne D. Barlowe. :p


"Well, to be fair it is published under the Random House Children's
Book label... Also, it is written at a level (with the aid of my
editor Alice Jonaitis) that matches 9-12 years old in terms of the
length and complexity of sentence structure. (Really, there is a whole
field of study about what type of sentence matches which age group).
And at least some of the Amazon reviews suggest younger readers
appreciate it."

Heh, you're certainly not in bad company . . . virutally every major
printed-news outlet in this country has been traditionally limiting
its stories to a sixth-grade reading level, right around to where
yours was edited. Actually, it might even be lower nowadays.

So take heart that your book is at a typical reading level, and join
me in despair that the typical reading level is so low. ;p :D

"That said, the material should be useful to all ages (or so I hope!)"

Good to hear. *prepares credit card*

"Please do!!"

Always glad to contribute. ; )