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Re: Bone-eating (was RE: T.rex was a "chicken")

and guarantees you a seat in the streetcar even during rush hour.... or rather, guarantees you a streetcar of your own, as I was told by someone who was unlucky enough to prepare a whale for Senckenberg! It STINKS!

David Marjanovic schrieb:
 And since we're sliding down the animal scale, there is a genus of
 deep-sea worm called _Osedax_ (also known as a 'zombie worm') that
 specializes in boring into the bones of whale carcasses.  As with
 specialist bone-eating vertebrates, the aim is to get at the yummy
 stuff inside the bone.

Which is pretty much the entire bone -- whale bones are extremely spongy, and the holes in that sponge are all filled with fat. Preparing a museum-quality skeleton is a nightmare that takes years, I've read.

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