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Re: Need Rahonavis refs

Does the full version of this article have any images?
(it was cited by wikipedia)

I did a google image search and came across this image:
from this site:

And this Image:

>From this site:


I don't know the source of these reconstructions, but perhaps an inquiry to the 
bloggers (who may not speak English) may prove fruitful.

Then there is this image:
from http://www.dinosauria.com/jdp/archie/sickle.htm
It cites references, and the image is not embellished with bones arranged in a 
way that fits with their preferred reconstruction.

I also found this image:
Maybe one of the better images.

As to the site its from, I didn't read too carefully, but I saw the words 
"Lying for Jesus? "Case for a Creator"" In there, so I should probably refrain 
from further comment, and just say it does appear to be a good image, and 
appears consistent with the image of the reconstruction in the first image.
Combined with the first image (where different colors are clearly evident), it 
gives a pretty good idea of what has actually been found, and what is inferred.

--- On Sat, 8/15/09, David Krentz <ddkrentz@charter.net> wrote:

> From: David Krentz <ddkrentz@charter.net>
> Subject: Need Rahonavis refs
> To: "Dinosaur Mailing List" <dinosaur@usc.edu>
> Date: Saturday, August 15, 2009, 6:31 PM
>   I'm having a heck of a time
> finding any good images of Rahonavis online.  Does
> anyone one out there have the monograph on it?  Or even
> direct me to the right websites?