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RE: Impact Factor confirms Nature is top research journal

Michael Mortimer wrote:
> I didn't count instances like
> Shuvuuia, where Chiappe (2002) did describe and illustrate more than was
> done in Nature, but only in the context of a chapter describing all
> alvarezsaurids.  So while the skull was effectively redescribed (as it was
> the only complete alvarezsaurid skull known), comments on the postcrania
> are only mixed with descriptions of other taxa or generalized
> alvarezsaurid description.

> Shuvuuia
> Chiappe, Norell and Clark, 1998. The skull of a relative of the stem-group
> bird Mononykus. Nature. 392, 275-278.
> Not redescribed.

The type was not redescribed, but a new specimen was in Suzuki et al.
(2002). Of course, some consider this specimen a distinct unnamed genus.

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