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RE: Impact Factor confirms Nature is top research journal

At 03.16 16/08/2009, mickey_mortimer111@msn.com wrote:

Dal Sasso and Signore, 1998. Exceptional soft tissue preservation in a theropod dinosaur from Italy. Nature. 392, 383-387.
Described in depth in Signore's thesis, which isn't published yet.

The monograph on Scipionyx samniticus by Dal Sasso and Maganuco will be out at the end of 2009 or the very first months of 2010. A curiosity: in the 1996 Signore's thesis, "Il Teropode del Plattenkalk della Civita di Pietraroia (Cretaceo Inferiore, BN)" (in Italian) the at the time unnamed Scipionyx was named Dromaeodaimon irene (from the greek "running demon", and Irene, a feminine name, from the Greek "peace").