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Paleontologist Earl Douglass biography published

A biography has just been published of Earl Douglass, the paleontologist who discovered the Carnegie Quarry that later became Dinosaur National Monument. It is entitled "Speak to the Earth and It Will Teach You, The Life and Times of Earl Douglass 1862-1931." This is not a biography by a historian per se, but was written by Earl's son and edited by Earl's granddaughters. It draws heavily on the journal entries which Earl wrote for most of his adult life. It encompasses Earl's entire life, not just his scientific career in Utah. It contains 55 historic photos, many of the Carnegie Quarry excavations which have never appeared before in print. Among my favorites are several showing paleontologists dangling on ropes examining fossils on high angle rock faces! This is the only biography to date of this important vertebrate paleontologist.

It can be ordered at http://www.booksurge.com/Speak-To-the-Earth-and-It/A/1439244375.htm