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Be the Dinosaur is an innovative new traveling exhibit which combines the excitement of inquiry-based exhibit design with the proven appeal of dinosaurs. Through an innovative blending of traditional exhibits and advanced computer simulation, visitors travel back in time 65+ million years ago and Be the Dinosaur. Learn about their environment, the plants, animals and insects that shared it, and the relationships between them in an accurate, hands-on interactive world!

Introducing the world's first dinosaur simulation - the most complex and far reaching restoration of dinosaurs and their environment ever created!

Designed with the assistance of world-reknowned paleontologists, this science exhibit brings dinosaurs alive through the magic of interactive digital simulation, the same technology behind "Finding Nemo", "Shrek", "Wall-E" and countless animated films. Only this time you're not in the audience - you are the star of the show! You are a 'living', 'breathing' dinosaur in an accurate ancient ecosystem.