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Re: Splanchnocranium?

I think that is true only of the endochondral bones such as quadrate,
epipterygoid, columella auris and articular in the mandible. I think
that does not apply to dermal bones such as maxilla, premaxilla,
pterygoid, and the other bones in the mandible.

I think neurocranium is roughly the same of braincase. I am not sure
the term also includes the roof of the braincase, formed by parietal
and frontal. The same doubt I have with the term endocranium, which I
guess may be the same of neurocranium.

Augusto Haro.

2009/8/19 Christophe Hendrickx <nekarius@hotmail.com>:
> Hi everyone,
> When referring to all skull bones (cranial and mandibular) except those in 
> the brain case (=neurocranium?) of diapsids, dinosaurs in particular, is the 
> correct term splanchnocranium/viscerocranium or something else?
> Thank you in advance for your replies.
> Regards,
> Christophe Hendrickx
> http://spinosauridae.fr.gd/
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