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Re: Allometric equations for predicting body mass in dinosaurs

I have a question about this paper: Allometric equations for predicting body 
mass of dinosaurs. Journal of Zoology, June 21, 2009 DOI: 

I do not have the paper, but was wondering if an estimate of 18 tonnes for 
Brachiosaurus is reasonable (estimate reported here: 
http://www.livescience.com/animals/090621-dinosaur-size.html)? That seems way 
too light for a 70 ft long animal.

The reason I bring this up was because I was trying to come up with a better 
estimate of the weight of Puertasaurus (here: 
http://ztwarmstrong.deviantart.com/). In the end, I get an estimate of 58 
tonnes for Puertasaurus using Argentinosaurus as a model, and using the 
drastically reduced weight estimates of the above paper. Any thoughts would be 

Do these equations affect how those, like Greg Paul, get there weight estimates?

BTW, if anyone has a pdf of the paper I would be much obliged to receive a 



P.S.: How many cervicals and dorsals do titanosaurs have respectively? How 
would you estimate the length of the cervical series and the dorsal series (and 
caudal series) respectively?