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RE: Inglourious New Papers

> Benson, R.B.J., and Barrett, P.M. 2009. Dinosaurs of Dorset: Part I, the
> carnivorous dinosaurs (Saurischia, Theropoda). Proceedings of the Dorset
> Natural History & Archaeological Society 130:133-147.
> ABSTRACT: Theropod dinosaurs in Dorset are found in the Lower Jurassic (Blue
> Lias Formation), the Middle Jurassic (Inferior Oolite and Forest Marble
> Formations), the Late Jurassic (Kimmeridge Clay and Portland Stone) and the
> Lower Cretaceous (Purbeck Limestone Group and ‘Wealden Beds’). They include
> representatives of several major theropod groups: the megalosaurids
> Duriavenator and Magnosaurus, the sinraptorid Metriacanthosaurus, the basal
> tyrannosauroid Stokesosaurus and the dromaeosaurid Nuthetes. Theropod
> fossils from Dorset have been reported since 1835 and the record from the
> county is one of the oldest globally. It continues to yield new data on
> dinosaur evolution and biogeography and will contribute to our understanding
> and insight of theropod evolution into the foreseeable future.

Metriacanthosaurus cannot be a sinraptorid according to the ICZN, as 
Metriacanthosauridae (1988) was named before Sinraptoridae (1993/1994).  I'm 
sure the reply is that "Sinraptoridae is phylogenetically defined", but 
Phylocode isn't implemented until 1-1-200x.  Surely we should follow the ICZN 
at least until then, and if we're free to ignore it now, why not just ignore it 
next time a priority issue comes up which we don't like?  
On a more positive note, the paper looks extremely interesting, as Benson's 
been doing some great work.
Mickey Mortimer