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Re: Are Eopteranodon and Eoazhdarcho conspecific?

Wang and Zhou (2006) thought that Eoazhdarcho, Eopteranodon and Jidapterus were 
all synonymous with Chaoyangopterus, but, if I recall correctly, they didn't 
really detail why they thought this. I can see where they're coming from, 
though: there doesn't seem to be too many differences between them. That said, 
they have been kept as seperate genera in most cladistic analyses, but none of 
these analyses have really set out to investigate chaoyangopterid taxonomy - 
the authors may just be playing safe. Shenzhoupterus is definitely distinct, 
though, and, in an azhdarchoid cladistic analysis I ran for my thesis, 
Lacusovagus consistently plotted within Chaoyangopteridae. So, there's at least 
3 taxa in this group, but whether there's 6 is another question. 


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>>> David Peters <davidrpeters@charter.net> 29/08/09 2:16 AM >>>
Are Eopteranodon and Eoazhdarcho conspecific?

I can't seem to see any differences and none were noted in the English  
version of the paper.

David Peters
St. Louis