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RE: The future of dinosaur discoveries

I'm almost afraid to point this out. Hopefully this little spurt will
probably be ignored by the list. At no time was funding ever a problem
in this field. Potentially we're the wealthiest field in all of science.
We just don't know it ...... yet. Nor is it the public's lack of interest.
It's actually ours.
The lack of funding is really a symptom of a much deeper rooted problem.
It has to do with MANAGEMENT of our somewhat limited resources. I'm going 
to cringe as I type this because it will likely come across as an insult to
all you very fine people. (Remember. This is about funding. Nothing else).
We don't take any responsibility for our science. The science is on the gov't
dole because our predecessors put it there. We haven't taken it off the dole.
It is by far the single most important window to open on the science. 
Everything is predicated upon it. So. Why don't we??
Several reasons. Like the former soviet people, we tighten our belts thinking
that there will be better times. We preach darwinism. We don't practise it. In
gov't, the rewards of funding go to the areas that have the highest political
value. Palaeo is not one of them. 
Ever wonder why we have only 1 major Natural History museum per country/state??
Each according to it's needs. Marxism. 
I ask the list to forgive me. This does NOT belong on this list. I mention it
only because of it's relevance to this question. The BIG "C" preaches against
but practises darwinism. They have enormous political clout. They're doing what
we should, but won't ...... evangelise darwinism!!
Cheers. dale 

> Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2009 00:21:51 -0700
> From: soylentgreenistrex@yahoo.com
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: Re: The future of dinosaur discoveries
> No, Dr. McHenry would never put things as
> crudely and ineptly as I do. :-)
> So, what is the issue? The gov't putting paleontolgy way down on the list of 
> priorities for funding? I can't believe it's due to lack of public interest - 
> I'm sure Oz is just as fascinated as the rest of us when these wonderful 
> creatures are unearthed.
> Or is it just this world recession mucking up the works?
> You've got centuries of drilling yet left beneath the Antarctic ice cap, tho'.
> --- On Sat, 8/29/09, David Marjanovic  wrote:
>>> Just got to breed more
>> Aussie paleos to look. :-)
>> Maybe that's what Colin McHenry said (truncated), but if
>> not... 
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