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Pedal5.1 in pterosaurs convergent? Or homolog?

Was seeking all your thoughts (or your votes) on this one:

Pedal 5.1 is hyperelongated on several taxa. Was wondering how everyone sees 
Homologous? or Convergent? Feel free to pick and choose.

Tanystropheus bigger, with simple teeth _
Tanystropheus, smaller, with multi-cusped teeth_
Tanytrachelos _
Langobardisaurus (both specimens)_
Cosesaurus _ 
Sharovipteryx _
basal pterosaurs _ 

Absent from this list: 
All archosaurs and archosauriforms, Dinocephalosaurus and Macrocnemus, which do 
not have this elongated phalanx. 

Possible addition to this list:
drepanosaurs, but they have a very reduced set of metatarsals, so pedal 5.1 is 
similar in pattern but very short, like the metatarsals

David Peters