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Re: Idea for an "Open Dinosaur Project"-like Wikimedia Project

I don't understand what this would achieve that working on the
Wikespecies or Wikipedia articles wouldn't.  It seems to me like an
unnecessary splitting of effort -- at best, the new initiative would
take effort away from Wikipedia and Wikispecies.  There are already
globally recognised anyone-can-edit pages on T. rex on both of those
sites -- do we really need a third?

Sorry not to be more positive.

2009/12/3 Saint Abyssal <saint_abyssal@yahoo.com>:
> I'm sure you've all heard of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can 
> edit. This openness to contributions has allowed it to become one of the 
> greatest online information sources that currently exists. You probably also 
> have some passing familiarity with the Wikimedia Foundation's other projects, 
> Wiktionary, Wikiquote, etc that apply the wiki architecture to traditional 
> reference works.
> I have an idea for a new Wikimedia Foundation project that would serve as a 
> free reference work *for researchers*. This concept would apply the wiki 
> architecture to the task of organizing data, references, images, and other 
> data useful for the professional researcher. Similar to Wikispecies, but with 
> all of science (and maybe other academic disciplines) in mind instead of just 
> biological taxonomy. Paleontology-related articles would be on things like 
> taxa, specimens, researchers, studies and papers, institutions, etc.
> I picture a page on say, T. rex as having a brief intro to the subject (like 
> a Wikipedia lead section) and info box , but diverging from Wikipedia by 
> giving technical information like diagnoses, cladograms, character matrices, 
> specimen measurements, and a comprehensive bibliography of the relevant 
> technical literature. I've made a sketchy rough draft available at 
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Abyssal/Tyrannosaurus_rex to illustrate the 
> concept.
> The project could work along the lines of, or inspire endeavors similar to, 
> the Open Dinosaur project. Unlike the ODP, however, this project would serve 
> as a centralized location for open contributions to all of science rather 
> than just an individual project or field of study. I've run this idea by some 
> of the more prominent members of Wikiproject Dinosaurs and they've all 
> expressed support for the concept. If you guys think that this type of 
> reference would be beneficial to researchers (professional or armchair), then 
> I will seek support among the Wikipedia community and see if the Wikimedia 
> Foundation would be interesting in hosting and supporting it.
> Does it sound worthwhile?
> ~ Abyssal