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Re: Discovery tonight ... 8 pm

David Krentz wrote:

> I don't know if anyone watched the show after
> Dino-Extreme-Bloodbath- Smackdown

Did! I'm surprised no one else has mentioned it.

> but it was not that bad.

Hmmmm. We differ slightly here.

> It was called Monsters Resurrected and dealt with
> Spinosaurus for an hour.

Or, as it was called during the commercial breaks, "SPIN-o-saur-us." In
one instance, they used the awkward formation, "Spinosaurs's" --
pronounced "SPIN-o-saur-zez."

> I thought it was better than most of the
> recent dinosaur shows.

Damned with faint praise.

> By the way... the EYE is back!  NOOOOOOOOO!

I thought of you when I saw it!

> Can't they find anything else to use for a logo!
> I'd settle for a coprolite.


They kept saying it was the (insert adjective here)-est dinosaur "you've
never heard of." Did the writers not imagine the overlap in viewership
between the JURASSIC PARK franchise and their show?

And... they must have paid Dr. Holtz up front with double espressos. I've
never seen such an energetic recounting of the facts and current theories.

-- Donna Braginetz