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RE: Discovery tonight ... 8 pm

> From: owner-DINOSAUR@usc.edu [mailto:owner-DINOSAUR@usc.edu] 
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> Or, as it was called during the commercial breaks, 
> "SPIN-o-saur-us." In one instance, they used the awkward 
> formation, "Spinosaurs's" -- pronounced "SPIN-o-saur-zez."

Yeah, that was pretty bad...

> > I thought it was better than most of the recent dinosaur shows.
> Damned with faint praise.
> > By the way... the EYE is back!  NOOOOOOOOO!
> I thought of you when I saw it!
> > Can't they find anything else to use for a logo!
> > I'd settle for a coprolite.
> :-D
> They kept saying it was the (insert adjective here)-est 
> dinosaur "you've never heard of." Did the writers not imagine 
> the overlap in viewership between the JURASSIC PARK franchise 
> and their show?

That's what my wife said when she heard that line.

> And... they must have paid Dr. Holtz up front with double 
> espressos. I've never seen such an energetic recounting of 
> the facts and current theories.
>   ;-)

Mochas, actually...     :-)

For those who want a little backstory about how these things are made,
though: my scenes (and many others) in the Clash of the Dinos episode was
filmed at the beginning of this year at the Black Hills Institute. In
Monsters Resurrected my scenes with Lucky, the Three-Legged (But
Four-Footed) Cat Skeleton was filmed in the Historical Geology/Paleo
teaching lab on campus about this time last year, while the more energetic
scenes were filmed less than a month ago. Despite the Witmer Lab being in
the background for those scenes, I was actually in front of a green screen
in College Park: they digitally added the background. (Personally, I was
hoping to be in Rivendell or deep space or something...).

I don't know yet when the Acrocanthosaurus epsiode of Monsters Resurrected
will air, but that one includes some good stuff.

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