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Tawa hallae: everything you know about basal saurischians is wrong...

Okay, it is after 2 pm, so...

Introducing Tawa hallae:

Nesbitt, S. J., Smith, N. D., Irmis, R. B., Turner, A. H., Downs, A., and M.
A. Norell. 2009. A complete skeleton of a Late Triassic saurischian and the
early evolution of dinosaurs. Science 326:1530-1533.

By adding this new taxon--known from multiple nearly complete
skeletons--into their matrix, the authors find:

         |  `--+--Chindesaurus
         |     `--Herrerasaurus
                  |--+--"S." kayentakatae
                  |  `--Coelophysis

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