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RE: Triceratops vsTyrannosaurus ??

Happ,J 2008. An Analysis of Predator-Prey Behavior in a Head-to-Head
Encounter Between Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops;pp.355-368 in P. Larson
and K. Carpenter (Eds), Tyrannosaurus rex - The Tyrant King. Indiana
University Press, Bloomington, Indiana.

Very clear evidence of a violent encounter between the tyrannosaur and
ceratopsian. Specimen SUP 9713, a partial trike skull, displays pathologies
that clearly demonstrate an assault from a tyrannosaur and are remarkable in
that they show the animal survived the attack as the wounds show that they
were clearly healing.

Of course, this does not show that Tyrannosaurus necessarily hunted and then
attacked the trike since, equally, the tyrannosaur may have been defending
itself from an unprovoked charge from the ceratopsian.


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      Dear Lists,

      Does anyone know any fossil evidence (e.g., healed bite mark ) that
Triceratops survived the attack of Tyrannosaurus?
      Or, is there any physical record Tyrannosaurus ' attacked ' by
Triceratops (e.g., bone punctured by the horn)?

      I would appreciate any information.

      Chisako SAKATA