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Re: Triceratops vsTyrannosaurus ??

In a message dated 12/12/09 12:55:19 PM, mwildman@saurian.org writes:

<< Of course, this does not show that Tyrannosaurus necessarily hunted and 
attacked the trike since, equally, the tyrannosaur may have been defending
itself from an unprovoked charge from the ceratopsian. >>

To the best of my knowledge unprovoked attacks by herbivores upon equally 
large predators are very rare, so in statistical terms the healed bitten off 
Triceratops horn is strong evidence that Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus did 
engage in combat as the result of the latter trying to have the former for 
lunch. Also, the uniguely extreme adaptations of T rex for killing elephant 
sized horned dinosaurs indicates that the super predator was highly adapted 
for preying on super ceratopsids (that's why no other giant theropod was a 
well armed as T rex, because they lived in habitats without huge ceratopsids).