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Re: The new dinosaur Tethyshadros insularis

No need to do anything now: that is Antonio's official name for good.

This is like the situation for Confuciusornis: it should have been
Confuciornis for etymological reasons, but it is set in the other

Fabio Dalla Vecchia wrote:
>> Just a nomenclatural note... noun compounding in Greek and Latin is
>> _not_ done by putting the entire words next to each other. It's done by
>> putting the _stem_ of the first in front of the second. The stem of
>> _Tethys_ is _Tethy-_; the _-s_ is the nominative singular _ending_.
> I did not know this. Tethyhadros is difficult to pronunciate for us
> Italians
> and would sound horrible.
> Three referees reviewed the paper and another one checked carefully the
> manuscript before submission. None noted this nomenclatural problem.
> So? What should I do now?

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