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A buttload of non-theropod papers in the latest JVP: birthday Dyoplosaurus, Kelsey the Trike, Tethyshadros, and plenty more


The latest JVP has gone online. There are a buttload of papers of interest
(and in some cases, by) people on the list. I don't have time to give the
complete refs for these, but I will post the titles, authors, and links to
the abstract pages (which I think are accessible to everyone).

I want to highlight one out of order, though:
Today is the birthday of Univ. of Alberta graduate student Victoria Arbour,
and she is first author on a paper that went "live" today. Now THAT is an
awesome birthday present!
Victoria M. Arbour,* Michael E. Burns, and Robin L. Sissons
A Redescription of the Ankylosaurid Dinosaur Dyoplosaurus acutosquameus
Parks, 1924 (Ornithischia: Ankylosauria) and a Revision of the Genus

Richard J. Butler,*,1 Paul M. Barrett,1 Richard L. Abel,2 and David J.
A Possible Ctenosauriscid Archosaur from the Middle Triassic Manda Beds of

Paul M. Barrett
A New Basal Sauropodomorph Dinosaur from the Upper Elliot Formation (Lower
Jurassic) of South Africa

Kristina Curry Rogers
The Postcranial Osteology of Rapetosaurus krausei (Sauropoda: Titanosauria)
from the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar

Ragna Redelstorff* and P. Martin Sander
Long and Girdle Bone Histology of Stegosaurus: Implications for Growth and
Life History

Fabio M. Dalla Vecchia
Tethyshadros insularis, A New Hadrosauroid Dinosaur (Ornithischia) from the
Upper Cretaceous of Italy

Shin-Ichi Fujiwara*
A Reevaluation of the Manus Structure in Triceratops (Ceratopsia:

F. Robin O'Keefe,*,1 Hallie P. Street,1 Jean Pierre Cavigelli,2 John J.
Socha,3 and R. Dennis O'Keefe4
A Plesiosaur Containing an Ichthyosaur Embryo as Stomach Contents from the
Sundance Formation of the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

Julia B. Desojo*,1 and Andrea B. Arcucci2
New Material of Luperosuchus fractus (Archosauria: Crurotarsi) from the
Middle Triassic of Argentina: The Earliest Known South American

Fernando E. Novas,*,1,2 Diego F. Pais,1 Diego Pol,2,3 Ismar De Souza
Carvalho,4 Agustin Scanferla,1 Alvaro Mones,5 and Mario Suárez Riglos,6
Bizarre Notosuchian Crocodyliform with Associated Eggs from the Upper
Cretaceous of Bolivia

Ashu Khosla,1 Joseph J. W. Sertich,*,2 Guntupalli V. R. Prasad,3 and Omkar
Dyrosaurid Remains from the Intertrappean Beds of India and the Late
Cretaceous Distribution of Dyrosauridae
[And before anyone gets confused: they're talking about DYROsauridae,
people: crocs, not ornithopods...]

David Peters
A Reinterpretation of Pteroid Articulation in Pterosaurs

And, honestly, the mammalian and other lower vertebrate papers in there are
pretty cool, too!

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