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Re: Matt Wedel on the perils of doing documentaries

I was so exited when I stumbled upon Clash of the Dinosaurs. I watched Perfect 
Predators. My sis was there to hear me counter much of the science. There was 
one or two things that were interesting enough that I didn't know for sure one 
way or the other and wanted to ask ya'll on the list about said but those 
questions are forgotten. Something about T-Rex I had never heard before. Oh and 
I'm not sure I believe a Quetzalcoatlus could leap into the air so easily. Did 
it really have super fast twitch muscles? Even if it had I think it would have 
needed some hops to get going. Even the bad CGI seems to suggest this. 

And why do we think it was a baby eater? It might have been but have we found 
babies in it's tummy? 

In the end I had to turn off the series 5 minutes into the 2nd episode for the 
reasons stated. Bad science, repetitive narration and the pain of watching the 
same 5 clips shown over and over and over and over and over and over and over 
and over and over was too much for me. When a dinosaur fiend like myself can't 
watch you're dinosaur show then you get an epic FAIL as your grade. 

Andrew Simpson

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