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Re: why isn't Tethyshadros insularis just a juvenile?

"In this case, neurocentral fusion is stated as present, but not illustrated, making it impossible to judge whether or not this is the case."

Are you saying that I am a lying? Or one that is not able to do his work professionally?

Regardless, in an alleged dwarf taxon, histological sectioning of limb bones would be the most reliable way to demonstrate maturity at small body size. Chop a limb, any limb, and find an EFS.

I answered this in another post. Anyway, what is a EFS?

Given the lack of named hadrosaurs from contemporaneous deposits of Europe, it is likely that Tethyshadros is a valid taxon. I'm no is wrong, I'm saying that without histological analysis of limb bones a non-mature status for the holotype cannot be falsified.

So you should cut a lot of limb bones all around the world. I am rather sure that the mature status of most of hadrosauroids was never tested by histological analysis. Furthermore, Telmatosaurus could (I repeat, could) be contemporaneous, in the geological sense of the term, as it is from the lower Maastrichtian of Romania.