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Re: FW: Taking control of the documentary situation, an immodest proposal

dale mcinnes wrote:
> I like Paul's proposal. But producers can easily sidestep this. Perhaps
> there is another
> way? Something that would really be a lot of fun. Sticking a knife to
> every producer that
> misrepresents the science of palaeontology. They do it for cars. They do
> it for movies. Get together the real academics for a scathing critique on
> every new dinodoc that goes awry. BE TERRIFYING. BE BRUTAL. You may have
> to piggyback a film critique show. Let
> them know you 're available when a dinodoc surfaces. It adds to their
> show. RIP THE DOCUMENTARY APART ...... if you have to.
> The real problem of course. We don't fully control our field. We don't
> have our own palaeodoc industry. We are not a franchise. We work for
> outsiders ..... Universities,
> gov't ...........
I can say from extremely recent (like, 5 minute ago) experience that there
are production teams who are paying very close attention to this on-going
discussion on the DML and Vertpaleo lists and are concerned!

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