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Dino docs -- try simple

In another thread, David Krentz wrote:

> What we would do in a feature movie is done by
> TV crews with 1/100th of the money and less than
> half the time.


> I have passed on Matt's blog to the big wigs and
> they are reading it.  I'm even sending some of the
> constructive comments from this list.

I find it distracting (and kinda pathetic) when I see cg animation
repeated again and again in a show. I stop thinking about the content and
start thinking, "And *that's* when the money ran out!"

What if, instead of throwing so much of the budget into half-baked or
repetitive fully animated scenes, some of the concepts were illustrated
with animated -- but simple -- bare-bones line drawings?

They might be used to illustrate the more controversial ideas, or to
clarify some of the material the Talking Heads are explaining.

The simpler animation would grab attention because it would be visually
novel. (Novel in the program AND in the 21st century.)

-- Donna Braginetz